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Collections of Creative Quotations for selected famous people (for each day of the year) will be made available here for your viewing pleasure and free downloading. These clips make great resources for teachers and students to liven up your presentations. Please browse creatively!
Date Click Title to view at YouTube PowerPoint Video
January 1 New Years Resolutions PPT WMV
January 2 Isaac Asimov PPT WMV
January 3 Marcus Tullius Cicero PPT WMV
January 4 Sir Isaac Newton PPT WMV
January 5 Konrad Adenauer PPT WMV
January 6 Carl Sandburg PPT WMV
January 7 Zora Neale Hurston PPT WMV
January 8 Stephen Hawking PPT WMV
January 9 Simone de Beauvoir PPT WMV
January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. PPT WMV
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