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Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to. [Quotation]
Mark Twain (1835-1910) U.S. novelist, journalist, river pilot [Author, Birth/Death, Nationality, Profession(s)]
"Following the Equator," ch. 27, "Pudd'nhead Wilson's New Calendar," 1897. [Source]
=R Embarrassment  [Creativity Component & Keyword(s)]   found in: one/3.htm[Link to CQ page with this quotation]

Each search operation searches completely through the database of 21,000 quotations. Please be patient. The following techniques can help refine your search:

1.Search "quotes" only if you are looking for a specific keyword in a quotation. Use the "FIELD" option to search only the "Quotes" field.

2. Use the "Whole Words Only" option to find a specific keyword "exactly" as you type it in the search box. For example, an "Whole Words Only" search for 'Gift' will return only quotations with the word 'gift'. A normal search note using this option will return 'gift, gifts, and gift ed'. Normal searches can sometimes return hundreds of 'hits'. If your search is taking a long time, this may be the problem. Try a "Whole Word Search" instead.

4. Use your browser's "FIND" function (usually <Control-F>) to search the search results page. For example, after completing a search for "hate" (with more than 200 matches!), you could use the "FIND" function to search for "hate_" [note space]. This allows you to skip occurances of w hatever and Richard Whately.

5. Search "FRANK" for quotations linked to one of these five components of creativity:
  =FForaging is collecting information
  =R - Reflecting is generating lots of ideas
  =A - Adopting is embracing an idea
  =N - Nurturing is improving your idea
  =K - Knuckling Down is never giving up

For example, to search for "perseverance" or "Knuckling Down" quotes that also contain the word "talent" you would use selecte "K" in the dropdown menu "FRANK"  and enter the word "talent" in the search box.

6. Search by Nationality, Profession and Date of Birth (see above) : These are great ways to explore and browse the thousands of famous people featured at Creative Quotations. Find quotations from someone born on your birthday!

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