Christmas Reflections
a quotation poem selected and arranged by Franklin Baer


It was always said of him,
that he knew how to keep Christmas well. . .
--Charles Dickens
Yet Christmas is like a microwave dinner,
it's here before you're really ready for it.
--Robert Orben  
It's the season when you buy this year's gifts
with next year's money,
And when you musn't forget to mail your packages early,
so the post office can lose them in tine for Christmas.
--Johnny Carson  
It's also been said that too much Christmas shopping
can even lead to Santa Claustrophobia.
So most people just sigh and say "Christmas comes,
but once a year is enough."
--American Proverb,  
Unfortunately the real meaning of Christmas
has been overlaid by sentimental varnish and commercial dust.
--Rev. Myron Taylor
Rings and jewels are not gifts,
but apologies for gifts, --
for the only [true] gift is a portion of thyself.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
And every gift, though it be small,
is in reality great if given with affection
Still. . . businessmen are saying
that this could be the greatest Christmas ever.
I always thought that the first one was --
--Art Fetting
When the Son of God became man
to enable men to become the sons of God,
--C. S. Lewis
And when Christmas is the gift from heaven
of God's son given for free --
--Charlotte Carpenter
So that at Christmas,
man is almost what God sent him here to be.
--Edgar Guest  
Remember, if Christmas isn't found in your heart,
You won't find it under the tree.

--Charlotte Carpenter

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