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Creative Quotations Clips present the creative thoughts of famous people in an entertaining and educational format. Each day of the year will be represented by a famous person who was born on that day. These video clips (.WMV 640x480) and PowerPoint (PPTs) are great resources for teachers, students and professionals to liven up presentations. The videos are also viewable at YouTube. Please browse creatively!

APRIL 2008

Date Click Title to View at YouTube PowerPoint Video
Apr 1 Otto von Bismarck PPT WMV
Apr 2 Hans Christian Andersen PPT WMV
Apr 3 Washington Irving PPT WMV
Apr 4 Maya Angelou PPT WMV
Apr 5 Booker T. Washington PPT WMV
Apr 6 James D. Watson PPT WMV
Apr 7 William Wordsworth PPT WMV
Apr 8 Buddha PPT WMV
Apr 9 Charles Baudelaire PPT WMV
Apr 10 William Hazlitt PPT WMV
Apr 11 Dean Acheson PPT WMV
Apr 12 Henry Clay PPT WMV
Apr 13 Thomas Jefferson PPT WMV
Apr 14 Anne Sullivan PPT WMV
Apr 15 Leonardo da Vinci PPT WMV
Apr 16 Charlie Chaplin PPT WMV
Apr 17 Thornton Wilder PPT WMV
Apr 18 Clarence Darrow PPT WMV
Apr 19 Richard Hughes PPT WMV
Apr 20 Marcus Aurelius PPT WMV
Apr 21 Charlotte Bronte PPT WMV
Apr 22 J. Robert Oppenheimer PPT WMV
Apr 23 William Shakespeare PPT WMV
Apr 24 Barbra Streisand PPT WMV
Apr 25 Ella Fitzgerald PPT WMV
Apr 26 Carol Burnett PPT WMV
Apr 27 Ulysses S. Grant PPT WMV
Apr 28 James Monroe PPT WMV
Apr 29 Duke Ellington PPT WMV
Apr 30 Willie Nelson PPT WMV


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