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Creative Quotations Clips present the creative thoughts of famous people in an entertaining and educational format. Each day of the year will be represented by a famous person who was born on that day. These video clips (.WMV 640x480) and PowerPoint (PPTs) are great resources for teachers, students and professionals to liven up presentations. The videos are also viewable at YouTube. Please browse creatively!
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Date Click Title to View at YouTube PowerPoint Video
Jan 1 New Years Resolutions PPT WMV
Jan 2 Isaac Asimov PPT WMV
Jan 3 Marcus Tullius Cicero PPT WMV
Jan 4 Sir Isaac Newton PPT WMV
Jan 5 Konrad Adenauer PPT WMV
Jan 6 Carl Sandburg PPT WMV
Jan 7 Zora Neale Hurston PPT WMV
Jan 8 Stephen Hawking PPT WMV
Jan 9 Simone de Beauvoir PPT WMV
Jan 10 John Dalberg Acton PPT WMV
Jan 11 Alexander Hamilton PPT WMV
Jan 12 Edmund Burke PPT WMV
Jan 13 Carolyn Heilbrun PPT WMV
Jan 14 Albert Schweitzer PPT WMV
Jan 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. PPT WMV
Jan 16 Ethel Merman PPT WMV
Jan 17 Benjamin Franklin PPT WMV
Jan 18 Cary Grant PPT WMV
Jan 19 Dolly Parton PPT WMV
Jan 20 George Burns PPT WMV
Jan 21 Jack Nicklaus PPT WMV
Jan 22 Francis Bacon PPT WMV
Jan 23 Stendhal PPT WMV
Jan 24 Edith Wharton PPT WMV
Jan 25 Virginia Woolf PPT WMV
Jan 26 Paul Newman PPT WMV
Jan 27 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart PPT WMV
Jan 28 Jackson Pollock PPT WMV
Jan 29 Thomas Paine PPT WMV
Jan 30 Franklin Delano Roosevelt PPT WMV
Jan 31 Thomas Merton PPT WMV
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