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P. D. James
(1920-____) born on
Aug 3
English mystery novelist. Phyllis Dorothy James is best known for creating the intelligent, perceptive poet and inspector, Adam Dalgliesh, "Cover Her Face," 1962.
A man who lives with nature is used to violence and is companionable with death. There is more violence in an English hedgerow than in the meanest streets of a great city.

Metaphysical speculation is about as pointless as a discussion on the meaning of one's lungs. They're for breathing.
God gives every bird his worm, but He does not throw it into the nest.
It was not . . . that she was unaware of the frayed and ragged edges of life. She would merely iron them out with a firm hand and neatly hem them down.
Jealousy, he thought, was as physical as fear; the same dryness of the mouth, the thudding heart, the restlessness which destroyed appetite and peace.
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