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Sean O'Casey
(1880-1964) born on
Mar 30
Irish playwright. He was renowned for realistic dramas of the Dublin slums in war and revolution, in which tragedy and comedy are juxtaposed in a new way.
The hallway of every man's life is paced with pictures; pictures gay and pictures gloomy, all useful, for if we be wise, we can learn from them a richer and braver way to live.

Laughter is wine for the soul -- laugh soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness. Comedy and tragedy step through life together, arm in arm... Once we can laugh, we can live.
You cannot put a rope around the neck of an idea; you cannot put an idea up against the barrack-square wall and riddle it with bullets; you cannot confine it in the strongest prison cell your slaves could ever build.
Wealth often takes away chances from men as well as poverty. There is none to tell the rich to go on striving, for a rich man makes the law that hallows and hollows his own life.
[W]ith whitened hair, desires failing, strength ebbing out of him, with the sun gone down and with only the serenity and the calm warning of the evening star left to him, he drank to Life, to all it had been, to what it was, to what it would be. Hurrah!
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