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Salvador Dali
(1904-1989) born on
May 11
Spanish painter, printmaker. He led the Surrealist Movement; noted for his explorations of subconscious imagery, e.g., "Persistence of Memory," 1931.
The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.

What is a television apparatus to man, who has only to shut his eyes to see the most inaccessible regions of the seen and the never seen, . . . to pierce through walls and cause all the planetary Baghdad's of his dreams to rise from the dust.
It is either easy or impossible.
Instead of stubbornly attempting to use surrealism for purposes of subversion, it is necessary to try to make of surrealism something as solid, complete and classic as the works of museums.
There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.
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