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Ivan Pavlov
(1849-1936) born on
Sep 14
Russian physiologist. He discovered conditioned reflex [Pavlovian reflexes] with experiments on dogs; won Nobel Prize, 1904.
School yourself to demureness and patience. Learn to inure yourself to drudgery in science. Learn, compare, collect the facts.

While you are experimenting, do not remain content with the surface of things. Don't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.
Facts are the air of the scientists. Without them you never can fly.
Gradualness, gradualness, and gradualness. From the very beginning of your work, school yourself to severe gradualness in the accumulation of knowledge.
[S]cience demands from a man all his life. If you had two lives that would not be enough for you. Be passionate in your work and in your searching.
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