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Joseph Addison
(1672-1719) born on
May 01
English poet, essayist, playwright. He was a regular contributor to "The Tatler" (1709-11).
Our delight in any particular study, art, or science rises and improves in proportion to the application which we bestow upon it. Thus, what was at first an exercise becomes at length an entertainment.

Irregularity and want of method are only supportable in men of great learning or genius, who are often too full to be exact, and therefore they choose to throw down their pearls in heaps before the reader, rather than be at the pains of stringing them.
Nothing is capable of being well set to music that is not nonsense.
The transition from cause to effect, from event to event, is often carried on by secret steps, which our foresight cannot divine, and our sagacity is unable to trace.
There is not a more unhappy being than a superannuated idol.
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