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Simone de Beauvoir
(1908-1986) born on
Jan 09
French writer. She was noted for her attack on the inferior role of women in "The Second Sex," 1949.
The day knowledge was preferred to wisdom and mere usefulness to beauty. . . . Only a moral revolution -- not a social or a political revolution -- only a moral revolution would lead man back to his lost truth.

Since it is the Other within us who is old, it is natural that the revelation of our age should come to us from outside -- from others. We do not accept it willingly.
This has always been a man's world, and none of the reasons hitherto brought forward in explanation of this fact has seemed adequate.
There is no justification for present existence other than its expansion into an indefinitely open future.
Defending the truth is not something one does out of a sense of duty or to allay guilt complexes, but is a reward in itself.
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