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James Thomson
(1834-1882) born on
Nov 23
Scottish poet, essayist. He was best known for "The City of Dreadful Night," about his despair of political affairs.
A bard here dwelt, more fat than bard beseems.
A little round, fat, oily man of God.

There studious let me sit,
And hold high converse with the mighty dead.
Whoe'er amidst the sons
Of reason, valour, liberty, and virtue
Displays distinguish'd merit, is a noble
Of Nature's own creating.
Needs not the foreign aid of ornament,
But is when unadorn'd, adorn'd the most.
An elegant sufficiency, content,
Retirement, rural quiet, friendship, books,
Ease and alternate labour, useful life,
Progressive virtue, and approving Heaven!
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