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Elmer Davis
(1890-1958) born on
Jan 13
US journalist, news commentator. He was an early opponent of Joe McCarthy's hearings; wrote "But We Were Born Free," 1954.
All young people want to kick up their heels and defy convention; most of them would prefer to do it at a not too heavy cost.

This year [1930], when we all needed something to take our minds off our troubles, miniature golf did it . . . . If we cannot find bread, we are satisfied with the circus.
One of the things that is wrong with America is that everybody who has done anything at all in his own field is expected to be an authority on every subject under the sun.
When a middle-aged man says in a moment of weariness that he is half dead, he is telling the literal truth.
The first and great commandment is, "Don't let them scare you."
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