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Isaac Watts
(1674-1748) born on
Jul 17
English minister. He is regarded as the "father of English hymnody" and best known for "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross," 1707.
At books, or work, or healthy play,
Let all my years be passed;
That I may give for every day
A good account at last.

Were I so tall to reach the pole,
Or grasp the ocean with my span,
I must be measured by my soul:
The mind 's the standard of the man.
A flower, when offered in the bud,
is no vain sacrifice.
And he that does one fault at first
And lies to hide it, makes it two.
Speak softly. It is far better to rule by love than fear.
Speak softly. Let no harsh words mar the good we may do here.
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