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William Carlos Williams
(1883-1963) born on
Sep 17
US poet. He made the ordinary appear extraordinary by the clarity and discreteness of his imagery, e.g., "Sour Grapes," 1921.
By listening to the language of his locality the poet learns his craft. It is his function to lift, by the use of his imagination . . . his environment to the sphere . . . where they will have a new currency.

Afraid lest he be caught up in a net of words, tripped up, bewildered and so defeated -- thrown aside -- a man hesitates to write down his innermost convictions.
Times change and forms and their meanings alter. Thus new poems are necessary. Their forms must be discovered in the living language of their day, or old forms, embodying exploded concepts, will tyrannize over the imagination.
I think all writing is a disease. You can't stop it.
When they ask me . . . how I have for so many years continued an equal interest in medicine and the poem. I reply that they amount for me to nearly the same thing.
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