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Matthew Arnold
(1822-1888) born on
Dec 24
English poet, critic. He was an Oxford professor, known for his poem "Dover Beach," 1853 and as a crusader for classicism.
Roam on! The light we sought is shining still.
Dost thou ask proof ? Our tree yet crowns the hill,
Our Scholar travels yet the loved hillside.

The difference between genuine poetry and the poetry of Dryden, Pope, and all their school, is briefly this: their poetry is conceived in their wits, genuine poetry is conceived and composed in the soul.
It always seems to me that the right sphere for Shelley's genius was the sphere of music, not of poetry.
This strange disease of modern life,
With its sick hurry, its divided aims.
Strew on her roses, roses,
And never a spray of yew.
In quiet she reposes:
Ah! would that I did too!
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