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Peter Medawar
(1915-1987) born on
Feb 28
English zoologist. He discovered that immunity is acquired in embryo; won Nobel Prize in medicine for work on immunity and skin grafts.
Among scientists are collectors, classifiers, and compulsive tidiers-up; many are detectives by temperament and many are explorers; some are artists and others artisans.

Today the world changes so quickly that in growing up we take leave not just of youth but of the world we were young in. . . . Fear and resentment of what is new is really a lament for the memories of our childhood.
The human mind treats a new idea the way the body treats a strange protein; it rejects it.
I cannot give any scientist of any age better advice than this: the intensity of a conviction that a hypothesis is true has no bearing over whether it is true or not.
If politics is the art of the possible, research is surely the art of the soluble. Both are immensely practical-minded affairs.
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