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William S. Gilbert
(1836-1911) born on
Nov 18
English dramatist. He collaborated with Sullivan on 14 comic operas, including "Pirates of Penzance," 1880; "The Mikado," 1885.
No good play is a success; fine writing and high morals are useless on the stage. I have been scribbling twaddle for thirty-five years to suit the public taste, and I should know.

You've no idea what a poor opinion I have of myself -- and how little I deserve it.
Things are seldom what they seem,
Skim milk masquerades as cream.
Down went the owners --greedy men whom hope of gain allured:
Oh, dry the starting tear, for they were heavily insured.
If you wish in this world to advance,
Your merits you're bound to enhance;
You must stir it and stump it,
and blow your own trumpet.
Or trust me, you haven't a chance.
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