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Coventry Patmore
(1823-1896) born on
Jul 23
English poet, critic. His works include "The Angel in the House" and "The Unknown Eros."
My little son, who looked from thoughtful eyes
And moved and spoke in quiet grown-up wise,
Having my law the seventh time disobeyed,
I struck him, and dismissed
With hard words and unkissed,
His mother, who was patient, being dead.

I saw you take his kiss!' ` 'Tis true.'
`Oh, modesty!' `Twas strictly kept:
He thought me asleep; at least, I knew
He thought I thought he thought I slept.'
Love's perfect blossom only blows
Where noble manners veil defect.
Angels may be familiar; those
Who err each other must respect.
Why, having won her, do I woo?
Because her spirit's vestal grace
Provokes me always to pursue,
But, spirit-like, eludes embrace.
A woman is a foreign land,
Of which, though there he settle young,
A man will ne'er quite understand
The customs, politics, and tongue.
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