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Mary Antin
(1881-1949) born on
Russian-US socialite, author. She was born in Russia, but emigrated to America with her family when she was 15 and settled in a Boston slum.
It is not that I belong to the past, but the past that belongs to me.

A long past vividly remembered is like a heavy garment that clings to your limbs when you would run.
Such creatures of accident are we, liable to a thousand deaths before we are born. But once we are here, we may create our own world, if we choose.
My friendships, my advantages and disadvantages, my gifts, my habits, my ambitions these were the materials out of which I built my after life, in the open workshop of America.
A characteristic thing about the aspiring immigrant is the fact that he is not content to progress alone. Solitary success is imperfect success in his eyes. He must take his family with him as he rises.
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