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Peter Ustinov
(1921-2004) born on
Apr 16
English actor, author, producer, director. He won Oscars as best supporting actor for "Spartacus," 1961 and "Topkap," 1965.
By increasing the size of the keyhole, today's playwrights are in danger of doing away with the door.

Once we are destined to live out our lives in the prison of our mind, our one duty is to furnish it well.
The truth is really an ambition which is beyond us.
And here is the lesson I learned in the army. If you want to do a thing badly, you have to work at it as though you want to do it well.
A diplomat these days is nothing but a head-waiter who's allowed to sit down occasionally.
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K: The General, in Romanoff and Juliet, act 1. The part of the General was played by Ustinov himself in the first production of the play.

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