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John Osborne
(1929-1994) born on
Dec 12
English playwright. He revolutionized the British drama by spearheading the "Angry Young Men" movement with his landmark play "Look Back in Anger," 1956.
I don't think one `comes down' from Jimmy's university. According to him, it's not even red brick, but white tile.

Thank God we're normal, normal, normal, Thank God we're normal, Yes, this is our finest shower!
But I have a go, lady, don't I? Pave a go. I do.
The whole point of a sacrifice is that you give up something you never really wanted in the first place. . . . People are doing it around you all the time. They give up their careers, say --or their beliefs --or sex.
I never deliberately set out to shock, but when people don't walk out of my plays I think there is something wrong.
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