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Lincoln Kirstein
(1907-1996) born on
May 04
US ballet authority, impresario, writer. He collaborated with George Balanchine to found/direct the "NY City Ballet," 1946 and "School of American Ballet," 1934.
Harvard was a kind of luxurious afternoon.

I've always had the idea . . . that we were conducting a military operation. It always seemed to me to be in a state of emergency.
Transplanting the ballet to the US is like trying to raise a palm tree in Dakota.
A repertory, a patrimony of ballets, tended as carefully as the collection of 600-year-old bonsai in Tokyo's Imperial Palace conservatory, is not replaced; it is preserved, maintained, refreshed to give rebirth by grafting and seedlings.
In liberal democracy and anxious anarchy, the traditional classic dance, compact of aristocratic authority and absolute freedom in a necessity of order, has never been so promising as an independent expression as it is today.
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