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Brendan Gill
(1914-1997) born on
Oct 04
US critic, author. He has been a regular contributer to "The New Yorker" magazine since 1936; a champion of architectural preservation and other visual arts.
The guns of the big events rumble through our pages, but the tiny firecrackers are constantly hissing and popping there as well; it appears that much of my life as a journalist has been devoted to sedulously setting off firecrackers.

If it were better, it wouldn't be as good.
Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.
I will try to cram these paragraphs full of facts and give them a weight and shape no greater than that of a cloud of blue butterflies.
The ingenuities we practice in order to appear admirable to ourselves would suffice to invent the telephone twice over on a rainy summer morning.
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