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Walter Kerr
(1913-1996) born on
Jul 08
US critic, author. He was an influential "NY Times" critic, 1966-81 who won a Pultizer Prize for his criticism, 1978; entered Theater Hall of Fame, 1982.
Reviewers . . . must normally function as huff-and-puff artists blowing laggard theatergoers stageward.

He wove a great web of knowledge, linking everything together, and sat modestly at a switchboard at the center, eager to help.
Wherever it came from, the musical came with its hair mussed and with an innocent, indolent, irreverent look on its bright, bland face.
Seymour Peck's editorial hand ranged far, wide and deep, touching lightly but expertly . . . He seemed less an editor of any sort than the very best sort of guardian angel.
Me no Leica.
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