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Edward Thomas
(1878-1917) born on
Mar 03
English poet, critic. His poems, "If I Should Ever By Chance" and "Early One Morning" have been collected into "Poems," 1917 and "Last Poems," 1918.
I love roads:
The goddesses that dwell
Far along them invisible
Are my favourite gods.

I have come to the borders of sleep,
The unfathomable deep
Forest where all must lose
Their way.
Out of us all
That make rhymes,
Will you choose
Sometimes -
As the winds use
A crack in a wall
Or a drain,
Their joy or their pain
To whistle through -
Choose me,
You English words?
There is not any book
Or face of dearest look
That I would not turn from now
To go into the unknown
I must enter, and leave, alone,
I know not how.
The fairest things have fleetest end,
Their scent survives their close:
But the rose's scent is bitterness
To him that loved the rose!
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