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Pearl Buck
(1892-1973) born on
Jun 26
US author. She was known for her novels of life in China, e.g., "The Good Earth"; won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1938.
Because psychologists have been able to discover, exactly as in a slow-motion picture, the way the human creature acquires knowledge and habits, the normal child has been vastly helped by what the retarded have taught us.

Sometimes I would almost rather have people take away years of my life than take away a moment.
Be born anywhere, little embryo novelist, but do not be born under the shadow of a great creed, not under the burden of original sin, not under the doom of salvation.
In a mood of faith and hope my work goes on. A ream of fresh paper lies on my desk waiting for the next book. I am a writer and I take up my pen to write.
When hope is taken away from the people moral degeneration follows swiftly after.
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