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William Wordsworth
(1770-1850) born on
Apr 07
English poet. His "Lyrical Ballads," 1798 are noted for their worship of nature and humanitarianism; poet laureate, 1843-50.
No motion has she now, no force;
She neither hears nor sees;
Rolled around in earth's diurnal course,
With rocks, and stones, and trees.

That blessed mood
In which the burthen of the mystery,
In which the heavy and the weary weight
Of all this unintelligible world
Is lightened.
That was the song - the song for me!
More skilful in self-knowledge, even more pure,
As tempted more; more able to endure,
As more exposed to suffering and distress.
The music in my heart I bore long after it was heard no more.
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