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James I
(1566-1625) born on
Jun 19
British ruler. He ruled as James 1, King of England, 1603-25 and as James VI, King of Scotland, 1567-1625; son of Mary Queen of Scots.
I will govern according to the common weal, but not according to the common will.

A branch of the sin of drunkenness, which is the root of all sins.
He was a bold man who first swallowed an oyster.
These are rare attainments for a damsel, but pray tell me, can she spin?
No Bishop, no King.
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Published Sources for the above Quotations:
F: "History of the English People," by J. R. Green.
R: A Counterblast to Tobacco."
A: Attributed by Thomas Fuller, Jonathan Swift, and others
N: On being introduced to a young girl proficient in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. Attrib.
K: On his belief that a non-episcopal form of church government was incompatible with monarchy; remark, Hampton Court, 14 Jan 1604.

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