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Wallace Thurman
(1902-1934) born on
Jul 01
US journalist, dramatist, literary editor. His satiric portrait of the Harlem Renaissance period, "Infants of the Spring," was perhaps more effective as an acerbic comment than as a novel.
The Negro and all things negroid had become a fad, and Harlem had become a shrine to which feverish pilgrimages were in order . . . Seventh Avenue was the gorge into which Harlem cliff dwellers crowded to promenade.

Color prejudice and religion are akin in one respect. Some folks have it and some don't, and the kernel that is responsible for it is present in us all.
We are mere journeymen, planting seeds for someone else to harvest.
If but a few live coals are found in a mountain of ashes, no one should be disappointed. Genius is a rare quality in this world, and there is no reason why it should be more ubiquitous among Blacks than Whites.
"Being a Negro writer these days is a racket and I'm going to make the most of it while it lasts. About twice a year I sell a story. It is acclaimed. I am a genius in the making. Thank God for this Negro literary renaissance. Long may it flourish!"
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