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Carl Stokes
(1927-1996) born on
Jun 21
US mayor, lawyer. He was the first black mayor of a major U.S. city, Cleveland, 1967.
Despite the litany of the sorrows of the city, we must believe in the ability of man to respond to the problems of his environment.

[W]hen you realize that people have that sort of feeling about you, that you're going to be some sort of savior from their dilemma, it's very sobering, because it imposes a great responsibility upon you.
There is nothing fundamentally wrong with America's cities that money can't cure.
When you start dealing with real change you are talking about interferring with those who are in possession of something.
I knew my own situation, my own town, and I knew I had it in my hand. Once I got it, I knew I could do things that no civil rights march ever did.
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