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Arthur Schomburg
(1874-1938) born on
US educator, administrator. He co-founded the Negro Society for Historical Research, 1911; established an extraordinary collection of works by people of color.
The modern school without systematic lectures turns out many graduates who lack retention. No sooner has the sound of the word left their teacher's lips, the subject has been forgotten. . .

The earliest instruction was imparted orally, a system still extant in Africa and the Orient. lt trains the mind to listen.
The fable of Aesop, the cherished and enjoyable book of our youth, was originally related as folk- lore by a Negro from Aethiopia to the Greeks, who in turn published them.
The American Negro must remake his past in order to make his future . . . History must restore what slavery took away.
We need the historian and philosopher to give us with trenchant pen, the story of our forefathers, and let our soul and body, with phosphorescent light, brighten the chasm that separates us. We should cling to them just as blood is thicker than water.
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