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Sonny Rollins
(1930-____) born on
Sep 7
US jazz musician. He was a tenor saxophonist who was among the finest improvisers on the instrument to appear since the mid-1950s.
How ironic that the Negro, who more than any other people can claim America's culture as his own, is being persecuted and repressed; that the Negro, who has exemplified the humanities in his very existence, is being rewarded with inhumanity.

I think music should be judged on what it is. It should be very high and above everything else. It is a beautiful way of bringing people together, a little bit of an oasis in this messed-up world.
America is deeply rooted in Negro culture: its colloquialisms; its humor; its music.
I simply want to reach a level where I will never cease to make progress. . . . So that, even the bad evenings, I may never be bad enough to despair.
I am interested in my music lasting only while I'm alive. I'm not writing for the future.
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