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Frank Robinson
(1935-____) born on
Aug 31
US baseball player, manager. He was Rookie of the Year, 1956; first Black manager of a major league team; only player to be voted MVP in both National and American Leagues.
I expect that [trying to do the best] of my players today and of my kids. My wife says I shouldn't expect that of my children, but I don't think that's asking too much.

Listen, I was the first black manager in baseball and there was incredible pressure. I don't blame anyone else. I was too tough . . . I lack patience. I probably got on guys a little too hard, with the wrong tone of voice.
If I had one wish in the world that wish would be to have Jackie Robinson here to see this happen. I don't think that I would have stood the pressure or have gone through what Jackie had to.
I always tried to do the best. I knew I couldn't always be the best, but I tried to be.
Close don't count in baseball. Close only counts in horseshoes and grenades.
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