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Ann Plato
(1820-????) born on
Jan 00
US educator. Her "Plato's Essays: Including Biographies and Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Poetry" was the second volume published by a black woman.
To remove ignorance is an important branch of benevolence.

Oh! may each youthful bosom, catch the sacred fire . . .
A good education is that which prepares us for our future sphere of action and makes us contented with that situation in life in which God, in his infinite mercy, has seen fit to place us, to be perfectly resigned to our lot in life, whatever it may be.
[O]ne science, however, there is, worth more than all the rest, and that is the science of living well -- which shall remain "when tongues shall cease," and "knowledge shall vanish away."
[Books] may sleep for a while and be neglected; but whenever the desire of information springs up in the human breast, there they are with mild wisdom ready to instruct and please us.
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