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Larry Neal
(1937-1981) born on
Sep 5
US editor, poet. He edited, with Amiri Baraka, the important anthology "Black Fire," 1968, during the Black Arts Movement.
I have drunk deep of the waters of my ancestors.

For the blues singer, the world is his text . . . Like any artist, the blues singer has the task of bringing order out of chaos.
You see it's like this: boxing is just another kind of rhythm activity. Like all sports is based on rhythm. Dig: if you ain't got no rhythm, you can't play no sports.
The artist and the political activist are one. They are both shapers of the future reality. Both understand and manipulate the collective myths of the race. Both are warriors, priests, lovers, and destroyers.
Now Ali understands these principles of rhythm and music. Theoretically, that's what so sweet about him. But Frazier is somewhere else in the musical universe. Frazier is stomp down blues, bacon, grits, and Sunday church.
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