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Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter
(1889?-1949) born on
Jan 29
US folk and blues singer, songwriter, guitarist. The "King Of The 12 String Guitar" began his career with the blues singer Blind Lemon Jefferson, but never really achieved true commercial success.
Look a here people, listen to me,
Don't try to find no home in Washington, D.C.
Lord, it's a bourgeois town, it's a bourgeois town.

The blues is like this. You lay down some night and you turn from one side of the bed to the other: all night long. It's not too cold in that bed, and it ain't too hot. But what's the matter? The blues has got you.
My guitar is half my life and my wife is the other half.
I always sings too long and too loud.
One of the songs I'm gonna sing is "We all in the same boat brother. You rock it too far to the right you fall in the waddah, rock it too far to the left you fall in the same waddah, and it's just as wet on both sides."
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