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Charles B. Johnson
(1948-____) born on
Jan 00
US novelist, short-story writer, artist. He has published numerous short stories as well as the novel "The Middle Passage," which won a National Book Award in 1990.
My writing is a lens into the possibilities of the American experience.

Writing is my refuge. It's where I go. It's where I find that integrity I have.
I found my way to make my peace with the recent past by turning it into WORD.
Black life is ambiguous, and a kaleidoscope of meanings, rich, multi-sided . . . we have frozen our vision in figures that caricature, at best the complexity of our lives and leave the real artistic chore of interpretation unfinished.
All art points to others with whom the writer argues about what is . . . He must have models with which to agree . . . or outright oppose . . . for Nature seems to remain silence.
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