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Blind Lemon Johnson
(c. 1897-1930) born on
Jul 11
US blues singer. Blind from birth, "the King of the Country Blues" recorded during the 1920s; died in Chicago, lost in the streets during a snowstorm.
Woman rocks the cradle and I declare she rules her home
Many man rocks some other man's baby and the fool thinks he's rocking his own.

I'm a stranger here just come in on the train
Won't some good man tell me some woman's name.
Hey, mama, what have I said and done?
You treat me like my trouble has just begun.
Back water rising, coming in my windows and doors
I leave with a prayer in my heart: back water won't rise no more
Seem like you hungry, honey, come and lunch with me
I wanna stop these married-looking women from worrying me.
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