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Nathan Huggins
(1927-1989) born on
Jan 00
US historian, educator. He was professor of history at Harvard University; his works include "Black Odyssey," 1977, and the award-winning "Harlem Renaissance," 1977.
Who one was, where one came from, what one was expected to be, the height of courage and character that were to be achieved, were woven into the fabric that linked oneself to all. . .

Those who would be called tyrants cannot be called free men.
. . . touching at last, the one who through superhuman power and character had pulled together the people in the birth of the tribe itself.
Death mattered not -- It was a mere puncutation
The vogue of the New Negro . . . had all of the character of a public relations promotion. The Negro had to be "sold" to the public in terms they could understand.
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