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George Moses Horton
(c. 1800-1880) born on
US poet. He sold love poems to students in an effort to buy his freedom, though he gained his liberty only with abolition; wrote "Naked Genius," 1865.
Oh! that my soul had winged its flight,
When first I saw the morning light,
To worlds of liberty!

My genius from a boy
Has fluttered like a bird within my heart;
But could not thus confined her power employ,
Impatient to depart.
Alas! and am I born for this? To wear this slavish chain?
Because the brood-sows left side pigs were black
Whose sable tincture was by nature struck.
Were you by justice bound to pull them back
And leave the sandy colored pigs to suck.
I leave my parents here behind
And all my friends to love resigned
'Tis grief to go, but death to stay
Farewell -- I'm gone with love away.
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