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Henry McNeal Turner
(1834-1915) born on
US legislator, minister. He was elected to the Georgia legislature during Reconstruction, but Southern Democrats attempted to deny him his seat.
No one can say, who bas any respect fur the truth, that the United States is a civilized nation, especially if we take the daily papers and inspect them for a few moments and see the deeds of horror.

Every race of people since time began who have attempted to describe God by words or painting, or by carvings, have conveyed their idea that the God who made them and shaped their destinies was symbolized in themselves. . .
The seeds of freedom . . . have now been scattered where despotism and tyranny ranked and ruled, will be watered by the enlivening dews of God's clemency, till the reapers [abolitionists] shall shout the harvest home.
For as long as whites enforce equality in the price of railroad tickets, and in every other particular, where we are required to pay and do, and be punished, some of us will believe that equality should be carried to a finish.
I am a member of this body. Therefore, sir, I shall neither fawn nor cringe before any party, nor stoop to beg . . . I am here to demand my rights, and to hurl thunderbolts at the men who would dare to cross the threshold of my manhood.
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