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James Forten
(1766-1842) born on
Sep 02
US businessman, abolitionist. He fought in the Revolutionary War; successful Philadelphia businessman and early proponent of the political convention and abolition movements.
Let not the spirit of the father behold the son robbed of that liberty which he died to establish, but let the motto of our legislature be: "The law knows no distinction."

It seems almost incredible that the advocates of liberty should conceive of the idea of selling a fellow creature to slavery.
Has the God who made the white man and the black left any record declaring us a different species? Are we not sustained by the same power, supported by the same food. . . . And should we not then enjoy the same liberty. . .?
Whilst so much is being done in the world, to ameliorate the condition of mankind, and the spirit of Freedom is marching with rapid strides and causing tyrants to tremble, may America awake from the apathy in which she has long slumbered.
Our country asserts for itself the glory of being the freest upon the surface of the globe... but one dark spot still dimmed its lustre. Domestic slavery existed among a people who had themselves disdained to submit to a master.
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