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Jessie Redmon Fauset
(1882-1961) born on
Apr 27
US poet, novelist. She was a significant figure of the Harlem Renaissance as literary editor of "The Crisis;" wrote four novels, including "There Is Confusion."
Biology transcends society.

There is no peace with you
Nor any rest!
Your presence is a torture to the brain.
Your words are barbed arrows to the breast.
The white world is feverishly anxious to know of our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams. Organization is our strongest weapon.
The remarkable thing about this gift of ours is that it has its rise, I am convinced, in the very woes which beset us . . . It is our emotional salvation.
"She thought then of black people . . . . And she saw them as a people powerfully, almost overwhelmingly endowed with the essence of life. They had to persist, had to survive, because they did not know how to die."
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