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Gwendolyn Bennett
(1902-1981) born on
Jul 08
US poet, artist. Her poetry reflected themes of the New Negro Era -- racial pride, rediscovery of Africa, celebration of blackness.
Silence is a sounding thing
To one who listens hungrily.

I shall sing a lullaby
To the song I have made
Of your hair and eyes . . .
And you will never know
That deep in my heart
I shelter a song of you.
Oh, stir the lucid waters of thy sleep
And coin for me a tale
Of happy loves and gems and joyous limbs
And hearts where love is sweet!
Brushes and paints are all I have
To speak the music in my soul . . .
Some things are very dear to me --
Such things as flowers bathed by rain
Or patterns traced upon the sea
But dearer far than all surmise
Are sudden tear-drops in your eyes.
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