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Hannah Cowley
(1743-1809) born on
English playwright. She is best known for "Who's the Dupe?," 1779 and "The Belle's Strategem," 1780s.
The charms of women were never more powerful never inspired such achievements, as in those immortal periods, when they could neither read nor write.

O lord! your wise men are the greatest fools upon earth; they reason about their enjoyments, and analyse their pleasures, whilst the essence escapes.
It requires genius to make a good pun -- some men of bright parts can't reach it.
The charms that heIped to catch the husband are generally laid by, one after another, till the lady grows a downright wife, and then runs crying to her mother, because she has transformed her lover into a downright, husband.
Every body about me seem'd happy but every body seem'd in a hurry to be happy somewhere else.
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