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Kathryn Hulme
(1900-1981) born on
Jan 06
US writer. She is best known for writing the best-selling biography "The Nun's Story," 1957.
It is not easy to be a nun. It is a life of sacrifice and self-abnegation. It is a life against nature. Poverty, chastity and obedience are extremely difficult. But there are always the graces if you will pray for them.

The awesome antiphon swelled in the dark and expanded.
The dark-veiled silhouette . . . that solitary form patrolling without visible strain or vainglory a demented dreamland of fearful potential.
Never forget that [God] tests his real friends more severely than the lukewarm ones.
"You must never lose the awareness that in yourself you are nothing, you are only an instrument. An instrument is nothing until it is lifted."
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