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Peggy Noonan
(1950-____) born on
Sep 7
US writer. She is best known for "What I Saw at the Revolution," 1990.
The Irish are often nervous about having the appropriate face for the occasion. They have to be happy at weddings, which is a strain, so they get depressed; they have to be sad at funerals, which is easy, so they get happy.

Sincerity and competence is a strong combination. In politics, it's everything.
Great speeches have always had great soundbites. The problem now is that the young technicians who put together speeches are paying attention only to the soundbite, not to the text as a whole, not realizing that all great soundbites happen by accident...
Now he is a statesman, when what he really wants is to be what most reporters are, adult delinquents.
Most people aren't appreciated enough, and the bravest things we do in our lives are usually known only to ourselves. No one throws ticker tape on the man who chose to be faithful to his wife, on the lawyer who didn't take the drug money. . .
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