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Virgilia Peterson
(1904-1966) born on
May 16
US writer, TV celebrity.
Perhaps it is the expediency in the political eye that blinds it.

However often marriage is dissolved, it remains indissoluble. Real divorce, the divorce of heart and nerve and fiber, does not exist, since there is no divorce from memory.
A lady, that is an enlightened, cultivated, liberal lady,... could espouse any cause: wayward girls, social diseases, unmarried mothers, and/or birth control with impunity. But never... should she acknowledge her own experience with the Facts of Life.
Love by its presence, like God by His, makes everything not necessarily clear or right or even good, but acceptable. Whereas in its absence, as in His, there is no hope.
Were marriage no more than a convenient screen for sexuality, some less cumbersome and costly protection must have been found by this time to replace it. One concludes therefore that people do not marry to cohabit; they cohabit to marry.
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