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Joanna Baillie
(1762-1851) born on
Sep 11
Scottish poet, dramatist. Her plays, mainly in verse, were highly praised at a period when serious drama was in decline; wrote her "Plays on the Passions," 3 vol., 1798-1812.
I wish I were with some of the wild people that run in the woods, and know nothing about accomplishments!

Pride is a fault that great men blush not to own: it is the ennobled offspring of self-love; though, it must be confessed, grave and pompous vanity, Iike a fat plebeian in a rove of office, does very often assume its name.
Sweet sleep be with us, one and all!
And if upon its stillness fall
The visions of a busy brain,
We'll have our pleasure o'er again,
To warm the heart, to charm the sight,
Gay dreams to all! good night, good night.
What custom hath endeared
We part with sadly, tho we prize it not.
I have seen the day, when, if a man made himself ridiculous, the world would laugh at him. But now, everything that is mean, disgusting, and absurd, pleases them but so much the better!
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